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  • Wasting human resourcesOur education system has miserably failed to innovate. Youth have degrees but not career competencies. Industry is struggling to find skilled persons. It is always better to light a candle than to curse the darkness
  • Sincere parents!Give your child a gift of success. In this life, nothing is more important than our children's successful career. It is duty of a sincere parent and for this your child will feel proud of you. Further success inspires success in the family.
  • DermatoglyphicsRecognise a child's multiple intelligence and learning styles at the fingertips! Every child has unique talent as s/he has unique thumb sign.
  • Be what you want to be!Listen to your heart & mind; discover your true interest through Aptitude Assessment and set S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic and time-specific) career goals.
  • Career AwarenessDo you know what is an Arboriculturist or Reflexologist or Podiatrist or Paraplanner or Palaeontologist or Osteopath or Orthoptist or Ergonomists or Cartographer? Create an awareness of world of work through more than 2000 occupational videos.
  • EduIndexEducation and training is like a journey, but 94% of the students, first finish their journey and then think about their destination. Plan your education and training pathways through EduIndex.
  • Study Scheduler with Progress MeterThis is an innovative and wonderful tool in the hands of students to manage and self-monitor their studies. It enables them to get 100% consistent marks in all the papers.
  • Job seekers ­ brush up your mind!Searching a good job is a job in itself. Posting resumes on jobsites is not going to help you but the website owners who are earning in crores by selling your resume to advertising/ marketing/ placement agencies. We manage your job search from planning to placement.
  • CAP-contestsParticipate and get scholarships & prizes. It gives a sense of pride and provides catalytic effect to accomplish higher academic excellence. We proudly mention them in our CVs and HR Managers pay attention while hiring the best.
  • Career AdvisorsPath to success is not easy, it is full of obstacles. Even the best player of the world requires a coach, so a Career Advisor is necessary to manage student's career step by step from ambition till achievements.
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Recent Award Winners
  • Anjali
    Class: 1st
    School: Govt. S.K. V. School

  • Harsh
    Class: U.K.G
    School: Munni international Public School

  • Madhur
    Class: 3rd
    School: St. Mary School

  • Mohit
    Class: 3rd
    School: D.P.S. Dwarka

  • Neha
    Class: 8th
    School: Govt. S.K.V. School

  • Nitin
    Class: 8th
    School: Nirmal Bharti School

  • Rohit
    Class: 3rd
    School: Nirmal Bharti School

  • Yash
    Class: 2nd
    School: St. Mary School

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